The Adobe Anchor is an expanding wood wedge used for attaching items such as photos, shelving, and rustic wood frame mirrors to a traditional adobe block wall. Every adobe homeowner should have at least one Adobe Anchor Chisel in his or her toolbox.


Grand River Supply is pleased to offer three-quarter-inch thick decorative adobe brick veneer as part of the extensive online catalog of Southwestern building supplies. These lightweight Adobe veneer are manufactured with vermiculite and Portland cement, resulting in a quality, inexpensive alternative for decorating walls that were constructed without adobe. Check out our online adobe brick veneer installation instructions to see how simple this home improvement project can be. Once the adobe brick veneer is affixed to your walls and finished, your walls will appear to be constructed of authentic adobe blocks.


Grand River Supply sells only the safest, most natural brick floor sealer on the market. Any home with brick floors, regardless of design style, will benefit from the resulting matte finish that will not discolor from exposure to moisture.


Grand River Supply manufactures affordable, custom-sized pine wall grills for use in standard adobe walls and even in concrete block walls. Check out our photos of wall grills in use to develop ideas of how you can add this simple architectural element to your fence to extend the feel of the Southwestern décor of your home interior across your entire yard.

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Adobe is the Spanish word that translates “mud bricks.” These mud bricks are in reality sun-dried mixtures of heavy clay and straw, and are used predominantly in arid regions. Although open for debate, the true origin of adobe is believed to date back some 8,000 years, and centered in the Middle East where adobe was the primary choice of construction material due to the abundance of earth compared to the scarcity of other building materials such as lumber and rock. Although the indigenous population of the American Southwest had been using mud as mortar and surface treatments for other construction methods for centuries, the practice of using forms to create adobe bricks for use in construction of homes and missions began with the arrival of the first Spanish settlers to the region. It is believed that the Native American Indians of the Southwest quickly adopted this “new” technology for use in constructing adobe pueblos- many of which survive to this day.


Grand River Supply offers many accessory products for both modern and historic adobe style homes whether they were originally built using true adobe bricks, or other construction methods and materials such as modern frame and stucco.


Our Kiva Fireplace Kits allow you to install a lightweight wood burning or gas log fireplace in virtually any corner, inside or outside, of your house. Each of our four Kiva-style Southwest fireplaces (Laguna, Sandia, Hopi, and Shalako) is suited for new home construction or as additions to existing houses. We also sell reliable fireplace accessories and components such as fireplace screens, gas doors, gas fireplace logs, chimney pipe and more. Our low prices can’t be beat!

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